Pdc Creates a Directory Instead of a .pdx File


Hey guys,

I’m encountering an issue with the Playdate SDK’s pdc command, where instead of creating a .pdx file, it’s generating a directory. I’ve tried multiple solutions, but nothing has resolved the issue yet.

I’m not a developer, I’m using this opportunity to learn, so I apologize if my question is very beginner. Also I’m using Windows 11 and visual studio code, I started with a template that I found in the website documentation.

I appreciate any help or insights you can provide. Thank you!

Does the directory name end with .pdx? Because if so then this is correct. On macOS this is called a bundle and will appear as a file, but on other systems it will appear as a directory since that’s what it really is.


Indeed. You can just copy the PDX folder to your playdate and that will work. Or you can upload to the device from the simulator, if the device is plugged in and unlocked.

To sideload the game via the website, you need to zip the PDX up.

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In fact putting the .zip folder it works in the side load, I believed it should generate a file. Thank you for your help guys!