PlayBook - A smooth scrolling, delightfully comfortable ebook reader for the Playdate!

After trying out the ereader options available on the Playdate so far, I found that they were making me nauseous due to their low framerate and inconsistent stuttering. I decided to make PlayBook to try my hand at fixing this problem, and man I did not know what I was getting myself into. Many weeks and a ton of whiteboard algorithm-ing later and I can finally present PlayBook, an extremely performant and very flexible ebook reader for the Playdate!


Get it here: Playdate game PlayBook

It comes with super smooth scrolling, multiple fonts, and a lot of flexibility to customize your experience. I even added a cute (and optional) little candle to the side that tracks your progress as you read! Plus it's open source, so feel free to tinker around with the code and let me know if you find any issues!

Give PlayBook a try and let me know how it feels to use! It comes with a few books preinstalled, and instructions on how to install more are available in the app or on the GitHub repo. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


This is a lovely idea! I'm thinking of giving it a shot!

The only thing I'm wondering is whether there is a bookmark feature or if the device remembers where you were last time you had a book open?

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Are you looking for new books to pack with your reader when submiting to the Catalog? I am working on the txt file of mine to fit with PlayBook.

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I'll probably stick with the two classics included from Project Gutenberg, but appreciate the offer!

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No bookmark feature, but the app does remember where you left off!

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Oh lovely! I'll definitely give it a shot then!

Can you consider applying in Korean?