playdate-SDK is directX like api?

hello ,

i want to know if the playdate os have a graphics librairies like directX ? (of course less powerful)

what i want to know is : ok you have the graphic librairies api on the SDK with Lua and C
but if we take apart the sdk , does the playdate os have a graphics librairies like directX without the SDK ?

nobody ? i need to know it's important for me

Why don't you just look at the API docs and judge for yourself?

C: Inside Playdate with C
Lua: Inside Playdate

It's not an especially large API so it shouldn't be hard to determine for yourself it it meets whatever criteria you're looking for.

I thought this was answered? Duplicate: Playdate graphic api?

If this requires a second thread, then the question is unclear.

If English is not your native language, then feel free to ask in your native language. Perhaps something is being lost in translation here?

If the question cannot be stated more clearly, then maybe state your goal?

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The SDK doesn't have a dedicated 3d library under the C and Lua APIs. They are the extent of the API. There is nothing 'hidden' or under the covers you can access.

sorry i'm french so i use a tanslator .Ok i see , now i have my response , the lua and C API are the only api
and there is nothing under who is hidden and can be a 3d library .

thanks a lot

Il y a beaucoup de français sur le forum, tu poser tes questions en français ou faire double anglais/français. Ça sera sûrement plus clair :playdate_sideways_smile:

Il te fallait une API du type DirectX pour faire du code multiplateforme ? Ou alors ce sont les capacités 3D qui t'intéressent ?

En terme de couches, le plus bas niveau est le SDK en C. Le SDK Lua possède sa propre librairie qui interagit avec du écrit en code C.
Les API C interagissent directement avec le système (l'écran LCD, le processeur). Il n'y a pas de coprocesseur graphique.

Si tu veux descendre plus bas, tu peux aussi y aller en assembleur.

merci raphael , c'est compris je peut parler en français .
merci pour ton aide et tes eclaircissements , oui effectivement ce sont les capacités 3d qui m'interessent , meme si ce ne sera pas fait a l'instantané

merci encore

For 3D techniques, please look at the examples that come with the SDK, survey the examples products by the developer community, and look at games such as Skew.

Pour les techniques 3D, veuillez consulter les exemples qui viennent avec le SDK, examiner les exemples de produits par la communauté des développeurs et regarder des jeux tels que Skew.

It's possible. C'est possible.