Portal Prelude Playdate Port

I'm working on porting the calculator game Portal Prelude to the Playdate. So far I have movement, shooting portals, button animations, and most of the levels done. Attached is the pdx of what I've got so far if anyone wants to mess around, though there's not much yet.


portal.pdx.zip (64.6 KB)


Thanks for sharing that! TIL about ticalc.org and that people can and do go to such extends of creating video games on TI calculators. Wonderful!

For a moment I thought, perhaps, you and @CodingSalamander have tried to re-create the same de-make, but it doesn't seem so.

I wasn't sure I followed the screencast you'd posted. Now that I've tried the game myself, I am not sure how the portals work. Do they work? I suppose that's still a work-in-progress part. Looking forward to seeing more (-:

Correct, only basic portal placement is working in the demo I posted. I worked some more on it last night and am starting to get portal physics working though.


Portals are mostly working now. There are still plenty of issues with them to iron out, but I can at least solve the first few levels the intended way now.

Updated pdx is attached, and the source is on GitHub.
portal.pdx.zip (76.3 KB)


I think the portal gun is small enough that there should be another indicator of where the portal is going to end up. Perhaps drawing dotted lines from the player to the target would help? It'd have to be subtle, though, to avoid being a huge distraction.

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