Possible to completely disable networking/wifi/bluetooth?

I am interested using/developing for Playdate. One thing is important, though. Is it possible to completely disable networking including both WiFi and Bluetooth? If support ends for these devices and there are no longer security updates I don't want this device to be an attack vector on whatever network I bring this into. I see from screenshots that WiFi can be in a "Not connected" status but this doesn't indicate that the networking stack is completely shut off.

espoff sounds like what you want.

Though unless you do shenanigans the only network out ever done is tls to play.date or memfault via baked in certs for updates, scoreboards, etc. if their sites ever go down - aka if panic stops hosting the sites, the playdate consoles do check that their cert matches the baked in ones for their domain so you’re also good on that end.

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Also re: “attack vector”….I’m not sure your concerns are entirely on target. There’s no web browser or anything. And if someone does hit you with a esp32 radio driveby-> fw pivot to arm master you have other problems

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I just don't want another device that can be exploited by radio driveby because networking can't be turned off completely and exploit network hardware firmware vulnerabilities via its own radio while near the rest of my network.

It looks like there is no setting in settings then. Is there somewhere where I can send feature requests for the device/interface, not necessarily the sdk?