Problems with SDK and unbelieveflavour's cotton on chromebook

Hey guys,

i wanted to try cotton on my chromebook.

For the SDK i followed this thread:

For cotton:

Everything from the two tutorials was installed, but i always get the error:

Task configuration failed: Could not found the Playdate SDK. Please ensure that the PlaydateSDK is installed and the PLAYDATE_SDK_Path enviroment variable is set.

So i tried the part Step 7: Set the Playdate SDK Path variable of the tutorial a second time, but it won't work :frowning:

Perhaps anyone could help me.

Thank you in advance

What shell does the Chromebook linux distro run? Whatever shell it's running, you'll need to find the correct config file for the shell and add the env value to it.

It runs in a virtual session of lxde linux, if this helps :slight_smile:

Now i managed it to set the variable right.
But i didn't get the leveleditor task. Anybody knows what to do?