Pulp Game Jam Entry: Sprout

Here’s Sprout, an action-adventure game made in Pulp by myself and @pichuscute!
Highly recommended to play on-device for crank/accelerometer reasons

You control the robot AL1C3 in a quest to grow a plant by collecting water from different corners of the world. The game uses the crank and the accelerometer in some pretty weird ways, but it’s all explained in-game (Crank+dpad to move, keeping the Playdate flat while transporting water).

It’s a really weird game, especially for Pulp. We barely managed to get it to function but I’m honestly really proud, especially since we didn’t even use a full 72hrs. The only major bug remaining is performance unfortunately, certain areas have slowdown and there are occasional lag spikes from what I can only assume is garbage collection.

EDIT: Updated the PDX to fix a couple bugs preventing the player from finishing the game.


Sprout.pdx.zip (114.9 KB)


This is super cool.

I managed to gather one load of water! Had to put the Playdate on a table edge to be able to crank still. Would be cool to add progress saving in there since there’s so much content.


We have an itch page for this now, with the full source available!