Simulator: what determines what shows up in Lua Memory browser?


I define some Lua tables, one after another, as globals at the start of my main.lua.

Some of them show up in the Memory window. Some don't. I don't see a pattern to it. I can print values from a table but it doesn't show up in Memory.

Why is that, and can I control it? I'd love to be able to browse ALL my global tables.

(I know you have to close and re-open the Memory window to make it refresh when you make a new build—it's not that.)


Can you please provide a screenshot of your code and the window with one correct entry and one discrepancy highlighted?

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I've figured it out! I couldn't see in the Memory window that the table was both being created and then later destroyed, but now I've found where the destruction was happening (by printing from the table in different places until the print failed). So not showing up is because there was nothing to show!

(Sometimes there are weird things with the Memory window not refreshing—like when I rename a variable and it shows the old name even when I run a new build. But closing and re-opening the Memory window fixes that. A red herring in this case--made me think the Memory window was acting weirder than it really was.)

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