STANDOFF - game prototype - holster your cranks!

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Hi - just wanted to share a prototype of my first playdate game which uses the crank in quite unique way - that is, not only for aiming, but also using the info about the crank docked state, creating a tangible metaphor of a gun which you need to quickly draw during the duel.

It's my first attempt to develop for playdate and coding in lua so quite a few things to learn along the way but I have most of the basic mechanics ready.

Let me know what you think of such game mechanics and I'm open for suggestions regarding the gameplay etc - still there is a lot to do - creating a rooster of enemies (with quicker draw times, multiple targets you need to take down etc).

I'll use this thread as a dev log so I'll post the updates along the way and a playable demo at some point :slight_smile: !

Here is short a instagram reel with a gameplay excerpt - Jakub Koźniewski on Instagram: "playdate standoff game prototype - using unique crank mechanism to draw/holster the gun #playdate #playdategame #game #gamedev #retrogame #lofigames #crank #panic #handheldgaming #teenageengineering @teenageengineering"

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Love this novel use of the crank!


This is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing more

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@dfbills , @orkn - thanks for kind words, I'll post the updates here along the way...

now figuring out the scoring system - I think I'll add some bonus hit areas (like for headshots / bullseye) and adjust the score according to how fast you were with shooting the enemy...

also considering adding some more "mandatory" hit spots for tougher enemies / bosses ?

anyway - open for any suggestions you might have !

Here's an idea - perhaps you could vary how the countdown is presented/the cue for drawing. The western classic would be a clock striking 12 but you can imagine others. If it's not counted in but just something that happens it could make it a bit more reactions-based rather than anticipating the moment you have to draw from the count in.

Of course the countdown you have looks good and might be the best choice for the gameplay you want!

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It looks really great!

Holster the crank, love it! :smiley: