Starting Playdate SDK straight from Terminal?

Hi everyone!

I'm just getting started with Playdate on my Mac.
I really dislike using the mouse (and UIs in general), so I want to create a script that will compile and run the newly created pdx on the SDK simulator.

The compile part is easy enough using pdc, but how do I get the SDK to load and run it from the command line? is there an executable I could use?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can run your compiled .pdx with this Terminal command:

open MyGame.pdx

That should run the .pdx in the latest version of the Playdate Simulator that you have installed. If you want to specify a different Simulator — maybe you have multiple versions installed — you can use the -a argument:

open -a "~/Developer/PlaydateSDK-old-version/bin/Playdate" MyGame.pdx

Amazing! Here I was ignoring the way MacOS helps us with this kind. of stuff.