Time is showing 0 when close to 12pm, unsure if this is how it should be showing?

My time is showing 12pm as 0 - just making sure, is this correct?
I would've thought it would show as 12 and then 1pm as 13... 2pm as 14.. etc.. Is this what everyone else gets? I want to make sure this is correct because I need to rely on code to do things when it is day/night.
I'm running my SDK on PC Windows.


No, hour 0 for me (Playtime Weird Clocks app) is 12AM, not 12PM, and certainly not 11AM! I have not built it with the current SDK though.

(Are you doing any processing that inadvertently turns the hour into a string or something, which then evaluates back to 0 afterwards?)

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Did you turn on automatic time in the sim settings?

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I don't think so.. I have code that is like this:

Preformatted textlocal myTime = myTime['hour']

Also just tested it now where it is 10:19am here and it spat out 23 for the hour. But also just printing the whole table of day, week, seconds etc like this gives me the same:

local currentTimeIs = pd.getTime()

I can't find that setting.. I wouldn't even know where that is. I have reset my time on my PC to manual as well so that I can have it tick over from 10:59 for my code to work and it does the same thing with the numbers, and same again when I switch it to auto.
Jokingly I think it's because I live in Australia.. the land of upside down lol idk but good to know that it's not meant to be that way. I wonder if it's the way I am putting it into a variable? not sure

it's under Settings > Time in the simulator (you'll have to load the Launcher to get there)


That was it! I would've thought it would've done auto by default?

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