Trying to get Sprites to move randomly in plup, Like npc villagers, etc

Hello, Im new to coding and have been using pulp. Im about 75% done building a basic rpg. Ive coded a fishing mini game, dialogue trees with multiple options, a few other mini games, and even a working shop that buys and sells items (its still got a bit of work on that though). But for some reason I cannot figure out how to code a simple sprite to wander around. I have tried some basic tutorials and they have not worked at all for what I want. I tried Squidgods "spikeball"tutorial and it didnt seem to work for a sprite, and i do need it to work for sprites. If anyone has a sample pulp code for making a sprite wander around it would be greatly appreciated. I think after this game Im going to try SDK, seems like a lot more support there. Btw I cant wait to show you all what Im working on, I dont wanna give any hints yet, as no one seems to have done something like it on playdate, Ill post some pics soon.
game picture

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