Twine-like dialogue scripting system for PD?

Hi guys! More of a general question, not sure if it’s SDK-related. Anyone successfully worked with or ported any branching story / story scripting tools like Twine, Yarn, Ink etc on Playdate (so I won’t have to write my own dialogue / chat system)?

I did a cursory search on dev forums, but nothing def came up…

Haven’t used anything like it myself, but this thread may point you in the right direction: Narrator-Playdate : The Ink language parser and runtime implementationadapted to Playdate!


Thanks! That one seems on the “not very active” side. I'm curious what tools other PD devs use when developing narrative games.

Hey, I do suggest checking out ink, it is by-far the most powerful narrative tool I have ever used. There is a less known full-lua repo for pd.
It is essentially a direct translation of the original c# ink, not a re-implementation.
As one of the contributor I am adding the last missing pieces (external functions, var observers, documentations).
Also, there is a c++ version that also offers c bindings for ink, if you are comfortable with c++ or c:
^ well, I actually tried to make inkcpp run on playdate. It didn't pass the crime scene example. So... for now just stick with lua.


Wow, this looks awesome, thanks! I've heard of Ink, but worked only with Twine and yarn, but not Ink. Will look into it!