Video Tutorials: Making a Panels Comic for Playdate

I posted this in the Discord, but thought I'd put it here too for visibility. Some tutorials I created to help folks get started making comics with Panels:

:tv: Making a Panels Comic for Playdate - YouTube

Panels is the framework I used to make my interactive Playdate comics Illumination and The Botanist.
I'd love to see some other comics getting made for the platform!


I watched these just for fun when they were originally shared on Discord, and they are amazingly high quality. You are well-spoken and the delivery of all the concepts is super clear. I wish I was a better artist to utilize Panels myself!

I really hope the framework and these excellent tutorials lessen the barrier to entry for more potential devs. Panels could rival Pulp as a starting point for new game devs, especially for those more artistically inclined.

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Thanks, that’s nice of you to say.

I would really love to see some comics coming out from other artists.

+1 on Mac’s comment! I haven’t played your games yet, but I’ve read the docs cover to cover and watched all the videos just because I was so enthralled with the concept and the balance you’ve struck between simplicity and flexibility. Bravo!

The Botanist trailer grabbed my attention when Catalog released, and I’m eager to give it a play soon. I’ve also got my eye on Panels for some cutscenes in a potential future game if I can get it off the ground. I look forward to seeing what else is in store!

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