What are Lua Class Methods?

The SDK manual talks about this 'method':

I'm very new to Lua and puzzled... What's a class 'method' in Lua? Doesn't this look exactly like all the other functions of the SDK like:

If those are different, what are the differences and how do you declare or use one versus the other?

As far as I understand, a method is something that's associated with a specific object (or in the SDK.. OOP-like ).

Maybe the clearest example to me is sprite updating:

Function, used to update all sprites in general (.update)
Method, used to update a specific sprite (:update)

In your above example, maybe the playdate.timer.allTimers() is mislabeled as a method? Or maybe I don't fully understand how that specific method is working.

Thanks! That is my understanding too.

I think both the icon (M instead of F) and the note are incorrect. It looks like 'functions' and 'class methods' are one and the same here but the term is not used consistently maybe?

I agree, I think this is just a typo and it should be listed as a function. I'll file a bug to get it fixed, thanks for noticing the problem!