What perfomance hit from sound channel fx?

Just looking for some general guidance to speed my own testing:

I'll be playing ONE looping mono sound sample (maybe 6 seconds) at a time... but MANY different ones over the course of the game. I'd love the flexibility of applying effects on the fly, rather than baking them into every single WAV. Plus then I can randomize them.

Are any of these Lua SDK fx "frugal" with CPU time? I don't want to bog down my graphics!

  • Bitcrusher

  • Ringmod

  • Panning

  • Rate/pitch change

(Those are the four I'm most likely to use.)


@dave Can you speak to this?

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Those are all very simple algorithms; I don't expect you'd notice much CPU hit. The device stats display in the simulator will show that processing time in the Audio category, so it'll be easy to tell how much CPU they're taking vs. game code.

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Cool, Thanks! Where do those stats appear? (I didn't see "Audio" broken out in the Sampler.)

On the macOS sim, it's under Window > Device Info, or command-D. I expect it's in a similar place on the other sims, can't check that because I don't have a linux or windows machine here. :sweat_smile:

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Great, got it! (I'm on Mac.) I see that's available when hardware is connected.