When using pdc can you exclude certain files from the build?



I am building on windows and using Lua. I am new to developing for the playdate.

Currently my game contains a few large .json files that take up memory and take a while to load. I am using an LDtk importer library I found on these forums that gives the option to create .pdz files for faster loading.

I would like to exclude the .json files from my actual builds to save on memory but other than deleting them from the source folder is there a way to do that with the $ pdc MyGameSource MyGame.pdx command?

Preferably it would be nice to be able to set a boolean in my powershell script for real vs pc builds. But anything more convenient than having to copy and paste the whole project / delete certain files from source would be helpful.

This is the sort of thing a make file is useful for.

You might want to look into a make file as it groups tasks like these and makes it easy to do them at build time. Thing of it as a type of shell script or batch file.