🔴 Youtube Series where I build YOUR game idea!

:tada: Exciting News, fellow Playdate Devs! :rocket:

We just dropped Episode 2 of our Playdate development series, where we build the game that YOU want us to make! :video_game::sparkles:

We're building this game together: teaching you the principles of game design, the the nuances of Lua, as well as development best practices – without leaving out the fun and excitement of creating your first game and coming up with an original concept. Let's create something amazing!

Catch up on the latest episode, share your ideas, and let's shape the future of Playdate games! :star2:

Here on the dev forum, many of you may be more experienced devs, so feel free to skip through the earlier episodes or just tune in for the fun!

Watch Episode 2 now: [Link to video]

Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas in the section below, or down in the comments of the youtube video!

See you all in the code!


@Nino Any ideas for this game? I thought you could have some inspiration... :wink: