1.13.1 Betas - simulator doesn't create folder for ini [Windows and Ubuntu]

As title suggests, on the 1.13.1 betas, the Playdate Simulator will not create the folder for the configuration file if it doesn't already exist. This has been reproduced by myself with both Beta 1 and Beta 2 on both Windows and Linux. This can be resolved by creating the directory manually

willco I believe replied to your post and will be looking into it

I believe I have this sorted out, thanks again for the report.

New playdate dev here with this issue - can you specify where to create the directory and what to name it?

To work-around the issue until the fix is out, you can create this folder if it doesn't exist:

On Windows: \Users\<your folder>\AppData\Local\Playdate Simulator

On Linux: <your home folder>/.Playdate Simulator

Sorry for the troubles!


Note that this is still an issue with the 2.0.0 version of the SDK, at least on Linux.

Looks like this was re-broken in 2.0. :frowning: We'll have a fix in 2.0.1. Thanks for the report.

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