C Programming: how to structure a GitHub repo?

Hi all,

I'm excitedly awaiting the arrival of my Playdate since it should be coming up soon, and I've taken this to be the motivation I need to start learning the C SDK for the Playdate. (Note: I don't want to learn a whole new language just to program this cute little guy, and I know C fairly well although I could use a refresher.)

I'm trying to figure out how to structure a purely C-based application with GitHub. Does anyone have any examples that they're willing to share? I just want to know what should be included, where assets should be stored, and what CMakeLists.txt files should contain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've noticed that the C API docs are pretty lacking. Is there any interest in having a guide to developing apps using C exclusively on the Playdate? Since I just started last night, I was thinking that I might take notes about what I'm doing and type up a little free LaTeX (PDF) guide building up through a few applications. Let me know if anyone has any interest in something like this, or if anyone would like to collaborate on something like this (or perhaps if something similar has already been done).

Also, are there any tags for C? I can't seem to find them no matter what I search for.

Thanks, all... happy to be here, and looking forward to my Playdate!

i keep mine structured in always the same manner.

I have the Source directory with assets, pdxinfo file and a src directory with source code. and in the CMakeList.txt i reference the src directory for telling it where the sources are and i upload like that, i think thats basically all that's needed to make it work or let others compile it.

My repo's also contain github actions to let github compile the source code for playdate (using linux runner) as well as windows version (using my SDL2 api implementation), but building the windows thing does not always work for any game, sprite collision stuff does not work and a lot of other api calls are not implemented but if your game is basic it will work. It did for all the games i released so far but i never used the sprite collision system.

I do have in my repo in the source directory an empty main.lua and pdex.bin but i think they can be left out normally for C api games

I think doing it this way keeps the repo nice and clean

About searching for C Api games on github, search for the text playdate and then refine the search by telling github the code must be C Code like this for example: https://github.com/search?q=playdate+language%3AC&type=repositories&l=C

Here are a few examples of mine:

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