How do you use timers?

I've been making a game but I can't figure out timers which are crucial to development. I've tried all I can, but the most I've gotten is an error message saying that the callback must be a function. I don't understand this as I did put a function for callback. My code was 5000, Act(1) ). I DID have the update timer piece of code but I just don't know how to work the timer. Can somebody help me, please?

Best Regards, From Finley.

what you've put is a function call.

it needs to be an actual function, so try either of: 5000, Act )

if you need to pass parameters 5000, function() Act(1) end )

Thank you so much! It means the world to me that you tried to help and the solution is working stupendously. Thanks :playdate_heart:

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my pleasure! you're very welcome.