How to share video screenshots easy in Dev Forum?

I want to show screen video here on the forum. I'm seeing some people sharing super snappy screencasts... anyone know how they uploaded them to the forum?

I'd rather avoid having to figure out a way to do gif converts, but I'm guessing if people are using that they have a good tool to make it easier.

The Simulator can record animated GIFs. It's the video camera toolbar button. :cinema:

This should really be in the docs, but it's not. @panic_staff

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The Pulp simulator (I can't find it if so), or is this a simulator for Lua developers? (I'm unfamiliar with anything here outside of Pulp/Pulpscript.

Yup, it's the Simulator bundled with the full development kit.

Even if you're always going to use Pulp, it's worth downloading the SDK to get the simulator.
You can export as PDX, and then open that PDX in the simulator.
Then record "videos" easily, which are actually gifs :smiley:


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