I can't use PlayDate compiler

Hello ! I wanted really bad to start playing around with playdate SDK tools but I can't even get it to work !
What I did :

  1. I set the env. variables
  2. I boot up VS code
  3. I open an integrated PowerShell terminal
  4. I type "pdc"
  5. I get the error : "pdc: term "pdc" not found or not recognized as a command applet name, function or script or program file"

It's really annoying cuz I don't get what's going wrong !

It sounds like you haven't set up the Path properly. You should set up your PLAYDATE_SDK_PATH to C:\Users\username\Documents\PlaydateSDK and add C:\Users\username\Documents\PlaydateSDK\bin to your Path variable.

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Thanks ! I tried to put it in Path but without the \bin after the SDK path