Nova 11 Code completion not working for Playdate SDK

So I've recently installed a trial of Nova 11 along with the Playdate SDK. Everything builds fine and I can run my games on the simulator but I've noticed the code completion is not working correctly.

e.g If I type "Playdate.Graphics.", all I get is a list of suggestions for code I've already written in the project. I don't get any code suggestions for functions within a library.

I have installed the Playdate extension from the Nova extension library. A reddit user is also having a similar problem. All works fine in VSCode.

Any thoughts?

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I was just eyeing Nova 11 (I'm bound to make the leap one of these days). FWIW, code completion is working as expected in Nova 10.6. Nova has been great! Hope you get that resolved.

Thanks for the report, we're looking into the issue.

I'm the other Reddit user :slight_smile: and indeed, I brought up this issue.

It does seem to work in 10.6 though, as AdamsImmersive Morgan mentioned. I 'downgraded' from Nova 11 to 10.6 by downloading the older version from Index of /

Looks like it's still an issue for me on 11.2.

I believe this is fixed in Nova 11.3, which was released a couple days ago.

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