Slope collision not working

I am using the lua SDK on windows

I am trying to get slope collision to work so that the character can slide off the slope but i have tried everything and can't get it to work.

Here is a screenshot of the game currently.

I watched this video and tried to implement it but it wont work and it doesnt slide of the slope anyways.

Looking cool! More details—like a video of what happens, what you want to happen, and the relevant code—might lead to some ideas.

It is probably possible to coerce our collision system to handle this with some special handling in the slope sprites if you set those sprites to "overlap" (if a collision is detected there, move your sprite to the correct location based on your own logic), but in general this kind of thing falls into the "Not a good match for: Games that require polygons for collision detection." category of our sprite collision detection system.

(now I'll probably keep thinking about this... if I have time to come up with an example implementation I'll be sure to post it here!)